Aketon – what is that?

Aketon was a widespread type of padded armour among military men in the XIV-XV centuries. Length of aketon and sleeves could be varied as the quantity of layers. Usually, such model were being worn under the chainmail, and more rare – over it.

Medieval aketon with 3/4 sleeves has cuts from the front and fon the back, that provide with perfect mobility. There is a leather strap on the stand-up collar for fastening.

Often, but not always this type of medieval armour had been worn over the main armour, e.g. chain mail. Rare, poor knights were worn aketon as separate armour.

Most often, aketon was thinner than simple gambeson. It had been sewn of expensive fabrics, decorated with embroidering or heraldic symbol of owner. The sleeves were removable and had fastenings.

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